Saturday, August 28, 2004

Adding Ads

As you may have noticed I'm trying out Google AdSense, both out of curiosity about what ads will appear (Google creates targeted ads based on site content), and hey, if I make a little money, all to the better. I was amused to see that one ad is for a sales motivational book called, "The Fred Factor"

"..."Service is the heart of leadership, and one of the finer compliments you could ever receive is: 'You're a Fred!' I urge you to read this engaging and insightful book and find out why. Become a Fred! It will enrich your life by showing you how to enrich the lives of others and create Raving Fan customers."

Not this Fred, mister. :-)

Since only a handful of people (and you know who you are) read "fhb" at this point, I don't expect to see much revenue, and I may kill the AdSense inclusion if I find it too distracting or annoying. Opinions are welcome if you feel strongly about it one way or `nother.

In any case, caveat lector, okay? I don't choose the ads, nor do I endorse them.

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