Sunday, August 29, 2004

U have nothing 2 Fear

One of the more succinct justifications for music file-sharing I've read is in the September issue of WIRED from the artist once again known as Prince...

"File-sharing seems 2 occur most when people want more QUALITY over quantity. One good tune on a 20-song CD is a rip. The corporations that created this situation will get the fate they deserve. 4 better or 4 worse, 4 every action there is a reaction. An MP3 is merely a tool. There is nothing 2 fear."

I suspect that we'll all see the day where commercial CDs are as rare as vinyl LPs. My bet is that you'll be able to do a TiVo-like download/recording of music that you can store on your home entertainment system for playback or transfer to your iPod.

iTunes is cool, but the price needs to drop to pennies per tune... and it needs to be as easy to get as TiVo'ing a show is now.

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