Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Dylan's "Chronicles: Volume One" to be released this Fall

"Chronicles: Volume One" the first of a planned three-book series, is a 304-page first-person narrative, according to Dylan's publisher, Simon & Schuster. "Chronicles: Volume One" is due for release October 12.

The first volume of his memoirs reportedly focuses on significant periods in Dylan's life and is described by publisher David Rosenthal as "extraordinary, revealing and surprising. It is a beautifully written, singular achievement."

One can only hope. :-) Let's cross our fingers that it's not a 2004 version of Tarantula.

But one of the many things I love about Dylan is that even at age 63, he continues to surprise. After all the foul reviews of "Masked and Anonymous" (cited by some critics as the worst film ever premiered at Sundance), I had zero expectations when I purchased the DVD. This says something about fanboy love, too. It never occurred to me not to buy the DVD, even after reading the negative reviews. But I found the movie funny, touching, and thought-provoking. I've watched M&A twice since I purchased it, and know that I'll watch -- and enjoy -- it again in the future. The M&A soundtrack is also one of the strongest Dylan -- or Dylan-related -- music releases in his catalog.

Him at 63. Me at 51. And he continues to sound like a bell in my life.

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