Monday, August 09, 2004

A rehash of the Goggle game...

In Google Search, enter "yourname is" (with quotes). Put the 10 matches into a list. Thus ...

  1. artsy fred is deep
  2. Fred is right
  3. fred is blogging
  4. fred is a Belgian Web designer
  5. Fred is condemned to death
  6. Fred is free!
  7. Right Said Fred Is It
  8. Fred's is a great place to satisfy hunger for the taste of Italy
  9. Fred is just like any other normal American In the United States
  10. Aunt Fred is a Witch

... had to exclude some duplicates of the "Fred is dead" variety which seems to be the most popular "Fred is..." phrase. Liked the juxtaposition of "Fred is condemned to death" with "Fred is free!" And I am just like any other U.S. citizen...

...except, of course, for being a transvestite witch.

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