Tuesday, August 31, 2004

From the department of redundancy department

Even an fhb (I'm refusing to use my first name to stop those "F" ads) needs a break. Okay, the reference to "First up.." below (which should be above. Does anyone else find the reverse-linearity of blog-posting as distracting as I do?) never got to item two, which has now expanded to three. Took me longer to write the piece than I thought and paying work called.

Item #2, on the Suicide Girls site, will have to wait till tomorrow. A couple of shorter items coming (one is item #3 even though it's coming before #2) as I take a short break from paying, albeit mind-numbing, work. Of course, they should be below, rather above, this posting, but I still haven't adjusted to reverse-linearity posting. See above, or below.

Or something.

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