Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Burningbird looking for donations

Although the situation doesn't appear as desperate now as when Shelly posted the message, funds at Burningbird are running tight, and Shelly would welcome donations through PayPal.

I was full of bright little ideas - such as Shelly selling photos online through Bitpass - that I was going to pass on in comments. But she's a bright woman, and she's probably thought of that idea, and more.

Having been through the freelance blues, and expecting to again at some point, I can sympathize. And I'm lucky enough to have a supportive - and employed, and with health benefits - spouse during the hard times. Yet, if you look at Shelly's site, and the talent demonstrated there, you have to believe that she'll be okay.

How many web wonks who are also good writers and expert photographers can there be?

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