Monday, September 20, 2004

Via boingboing

With three things that came by way of boingboing I want to link to, I figure it's easier just to create one post and acknowledge the "via" that way.

First: A complete Calvin & Hobbes slipcase edition will be released in 2005 for a reported $150. Time to start saving my pennies now. I miss them, Bill Watterson. I'm not saying you didn't do the right thing, but I still miss them.

Next: The site is so obnoxious in both design and `tude ("You may link to this page with this whimisical banner button." You may bite me, buddy.) that I almost didn't bother to link to it, but on the other hand, if you visited Disneyland during the `60s, you'll probably love the content as much as I did. The "Fortune Red" page brought back a lot of memories.

And, by the way, matey, real pirates don't need right clicks.

Finally: T -8 days and counting.

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