Friday, September 17, 2004

Sean Penn to Narrate the Audiobook of Bob Dylan's Chronicles: Volume One

Sean Penn will read the audiobook version of Bob Dylan's CHRONICLES: Volume One (6 hours on 4 cassettes and 5 CDs)... Commenting on the forthcoming audiobook, Chris Lynch, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Simon & Schuster Audio said, "When we were thinking of actors to read the Bob Dylan audiobook, the first name on our list was Sean Penn. We knew he would be perfect for the material, and we are absolutely thrilled that an actor of his caliber will be reading CHRONICLES."

I wish Dylan was reading it himself. THAT I would buy. And yes, he could do it. If you've heard the so-called "Rome Interviews", you've heard a clear, coherent speaking voice, not the indistinct mumble that he's sometimes fallen into when singing.

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