Thursday, September 02, 2004

fhb will be on hiatus until September 7th, as Peg and I go do some gaming at Foxwoods, lucky Peg at the slots, less lucky Fred at the Texas Hold `Em tables.

After living in a construction site for the past month as we get the bathrooms renovated, and with both of our nerves on edge from work, Peg and Fred have decided they need a mini-vacation.

About 15 years ago, Peg and Fred were laid off from their jobs almost simultaneously, the bank that held their savings went under, and they found when they tried to re-finance their townhouse that the collapse of the New England real estate market had left them with negative equity in their home after six years of ownership.

Their reaction: Let's go to Las Vegas!

After I wait for the usual look of horror when I recount that story, I note that while all literally true, I had received a great severance package (remember those days?), had a job waiting for me that would start a week later, that our savings were insured, and while we were unable to re-finance, we could still pay our mortgage, even at a 12 percent interest rate, which was a lot better than a lot of people were doing during that period. And we had already paid for the Vegas trip. We had a great time, and Peg would get a new job after taking the summer off.

See you later next week.

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