Saturday, February 19, 2005

Low tech

I've decided to say goodbye to WeatherBlox for the time being, still having my suspicions that the Flash plugin is causing Firefox to crash and contributing to the instability of my laptop system, which is still crashing regularly.

It's one of those real annoying problems, as there are sites, such as the Flash ad-laden CNN site, that will cause Firefox to crash immediately, while other sites - such as fhb - will work fine for awhile, and then cause Firefox to spew out an error message about the plugin. Still other sites with Flash seemingly have no problem at all. I suspect it's the number of instances that Firefox loads a Flash animation. fhb will usually blow up if I have several tabs open simultaneously, all running Flash animations.

Who knows? Who cares? As far as I can determine from digging around the web, it's a reported problem to Mozilla and Macromedia is rumored to be working on a fix.

In the meantime, I've restored a links menu and will be improving the decor of fhb with imagery as the mood strikes.

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