Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tired of seeing some OTHER guy win the big stuffed animal?

Impress your girlfriend/wife (preferably not simultaneously). Be THE MAN!

Knock down those milk cans, shoot the red star out of the card, get the hoop over those blocks! Now you can, or at least have a better shot, with the self-published, "The Secrets of Amusement Park Games... Revealed! (Third Edition)"

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Anonymous said...

The only time I ever saw my father almost come to blows with someone was over a giant teddy bear he won for me at the 1968 Alabama State Fair. The booth owner claimed daddy's nickel had not completely covered the center of the Lucky Strikes circle, hence no win.

After a heated debate, the carny changed his mind.

"The Bear" went on every Gulf Coast vacation for years afterward, sometimes in a U-Haul rented to accomodate all our vacation "necessities."

Thirty years later I, too, won the big prize, ringing the neck of an RC Cola bottle and completely perplexing the carnival booth owner when I began to cry. :-)