Monday, February 07, 2005

"Toot Sweet" => "It's Really Love" => "Johnny's Song"

Mark Evanier posts a fascinating history of "The Tonight Show" theme, including a link to an MP3 excerpt of Annette Funicello (!!!) singing "It's Really Love", written for her by Paul Anka, who had recycled the song from an earlier Anka composition, "Toot Sweet" as he would recycle it again into "Johnny's Song."

Apropos of nothing, all men of a certain age had the hots for Annette, as I did, and as I did for Hayley Mills. Annette wrote a charming autobiography several years ago titled, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, which I heartily recommend if no other reason that it's one of the few autobiographies I've read where there are no stories of exploitation, abuse, or backstabbing.

If not fully a charmed life, as she now suffers from
multiple sclerosis, Annette seems to have had a pretty good one, and one that she's appreciated even through illness.

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Anonymous said...

What do Annette Funicello, Hayley Mills, and Drew Barrymore have in common? Why, fhb, of course...
Always so full of surprises. :-)!