Saturday, November 05, 2005

Busted at the Doctor's

Almost a live poker report here from Pauly's tournament. Got knocked out in 77th in the first hour by last night's winner of the WWdN Invitational, penner42, who as I write, is now in 1st finished in 45th place.

Iggy recently posted,

"Nobody is always a winner, and anybody who says he is, is either a liar or doesn't play poker." - Amarillo Slim

Yup, even good players lose often.
Accepting that truism as a student of poker is one thing. Using it as an excuse for poor play is another. Discerning the difference is what separates the long-term good players from the bad.
Which is about as true as anything I've read lately. As usual when I lose, especially when I lose early, I can usually chalk it up to a combination of bad cards, bad luck, and bad decisions, rather than any one thing. All three of which played a role in my exit this time around, although, as usual, impatience also caught up with me, and I played hands I shouldn't have been playing. So, as I write this, I'm in a 3-table SNG, seeing if I can recover my noive, (and my buy-in) as The Cowardly Lion says.

Nothing much else to write about Pauly's tournament. I started at a table with Iggy, as well as a few other recognizable blogger names. Iggy, btw, placed 2nd in last night's Wil Wheaton tournament, and from the chat at my table, it was a wild final table. Iggy - who didn't remember my screen name at first - hit me with a hard raise when I was holding bottom pair, and I had to fold. And that kind of set the tenor for the rest of my tenure. The small pocket pairs that have plagued me for my last few games - whispering in my ear of sets and quads but never delivering - continued to show regularly in my hands, and I spent most of my time at the first table donking my chips away, a term I learned from reading Wil's site, with minimum bets, and then folding at hard bets with over cards on the board. The one hard raise I made was greeted by a harder re-raise, and a call to that, and I folded my pair of 7s. The right decision, for once, as the first raiser had a pair of 9s that would ultimately take the hand. I think I won one hand in the 15 or so minutes I was there.

And then off to the second table where I'd ultimately meet my nemesis and short-stacked, push hard with an A9 when a 9 showed as high card on the flop. Unfortunately, penner42 also had a 9 in his hand, as well as a 5 card and thus two pair vs. my one. His two pair turned into a full house when another 5 showed at the turn... and that was all she wrote for Lil' Rico.

And, I just busted out in 14th place at my 27-person SNG when I called an All-In with 945 chips left and AJo offsuit and ran into a pair of Jacks. As I write, Maudie's in 16th place and Iggy has finished in 36th with 31 players left in Pauly's tournament. Good luck to Maudie, and I'm calling it a day.


Anonymous said...

Once again, fhb leads the blogger pack with regard to vocabulary. This week's gem? "Noive."

What the hell is "noive?"

And does it really matter? After all, it sounds impressive.


Maudie said...

having a heckuva time in bad-beat purgatory, lol, hope i get released soon.