Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Quest for the Colored Bubble

Every now and then I come across a boingboing post that reminds me why I read that site - even with all the self-indulgent, self-promoting, over-the-top hyperbolic posting that the writers can do over there.

I found one of those posts yesterday, a link to a wonderful Popular Science article (that incidentally has my vote to be included in the next "The Best American Science and Nature Writing" series) about a man named Tim Kehoe, and his search for the colored bubble.

Go take some time right now and go read it. I guarantee you'll be enchanted.

"Tim Kehoe has stained the whites of his eyes deep blue. He's also stained his face, his car, several bathtubs and a few dozen children. He's had to evacuate his family because he filled the house with noxious fumes. He's ruined every kitchen he's ever had. Kehoe, a 35-year-old toy inventor from St. Paul, Minnesota, has done all this in an effort to make real an idea he had more than 10 years ago, one he's been told repeatedly cannot be realized: a colored bubble."
More on Tim Kehoe's colored bubbles, and the Zubble site.

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