Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Life Getting in the way, Part 1

"why aren't you going to vegas?' Iggy demands to know e.e. cummings-style, and, given the recent news of the PokerStars sponsorship, I'm kinda wondering that too. I mean a pot already at around $7k , Wil Wheaton there, possible guest appearances by pros, and it's even close to my birthday. Not even to mention getting to meet the whole scurvy WPBT crew.

But no, not this time around for lil Rico, although the idea is tempting to go grab some grapefruit, a bottle of ether, some blotter acid, and a Bowie knife... and just go, and see how much trouble I could get myself into over that weekend. As Peggy said this morning, it's a straight shot to Vegas from the Manchester airport.

The fact that I even considered it should be considered something of interest, as my usual avoidance of social events makes a certain taciturn Oklahoma blogger look like a Vegas lap dancer in comparison, to the point that I'm known as the Hermit of the North to the group who I regularly work with by way of email and con-calls, with a f2f with those cohorts maybe once every couple of months.

But I suspect Peggy and I will make our way to Sin City for one of the blogger get-togethers in 2006. Peg likes gambling and Vegas well enough that she won't be bored, and she often gets a kick out of group things that started out as my primary interest. Back in the day when we did SF conventions, Peg won the ultimate compliment from another writer, "... that she doesn't even act like a spouse..." and once in New Orleans kept up with an inexhaustible Tad Williams during a late night/early morning crawl through more convention party suites than I could count. Of course, she did lose our hotel, but that's another story.

Where was I? Ah, Vegas, and the reason I started this rambling post. As you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging as much as I usually do and, for that matter, haven't been playing all that much poker. OOe of the companies I regularly contract out to is funding my work on something I recently g
'ot ''''''i''''''n'''''/ter///e////s/////////t///////e//////d/////// /////////

You know, I think I'll leave the above, courtesy of the Bear, who was trying to discipline a totally out-of-control tail and ended up rolling over the keyboard while taming it.

Where was I again? Yeah, here we are. Anyway, as Peggy will tell you, I tend to have these ah, enthusiasms, which follow a regular pattern of, "That is cool!" "I wonder how they do that?" to "Hmmm. I bet I could learn how to do that." and "I want to find somebody to pay me to do that." It's not a bad quirk to have... it's what helped buy our house, among other things, when I got interested in the wonderful world of multimedia.

And I got interested in something new over the summer, and now I'm in the "Somebody pay me to do that." stage, and now I have a client paying me. And it's lots of fun, and I'm working hard and well, as Ernesto would say. And yes, I'm being deliberately coy, because I don't talk about what I'm doing for clients, ever, past the very general. But I have a few ideas of my own too, and maybe I'll be blogging about them soon.

In the meantime - keeping in the spirit of the season - have a good Thanksgiving, stay warm, and I'll be writing more soon.


maudie said...

We are kindred spirits of sorts... I see myself someday living at the end of a long, dusty road in the outback of New Mexico with the reputation of "that hermit lady with all the cats", lol. I look forward to the day I have the privilege of meeting you and Peg. 8^)

Ignatious said...

ditto. and hopefully next time you'll come meet us. i'm holding you to that offer of grapefruit and ether, tho.