Sunday, March 12, 2006

Much love, Bettie Page

The LA Times has a substantial article on pin-up legend Bettie Page who happily, at age 82, is doing much better both mentally and financially than she was 20 years ago, when she was near-broke and mental illness put her into a state hospital.

Page is pictured to the right, autographing what looks like an Olivia-inspired poster of herself in her glory days. She asks that her face not be photographed these days, so guys like me can retain our memories intact.

As Mark Evanier notes, it's a little curious that while Page fans such as Harlan Ellison and Hugh Hefner are quoted in the article, no mention is made of Dave Stevens past a sentence about The Rocketeer movie "and the comic book that inspired it." If any one person was responsible for the revival of interest in Page, it was Dave Stevens.

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