Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I've been remiss about posting this. Title, picture, and commentary from my guest blogger and sister-in-law, Roberta. Go Hodags!

Matt in action against Georgia (team name: Jojah) in the final of the Terminus tournament in Atlanta last weekend.

The Hodags won the game, and, with a record of 25-2, are currently ranked second in the country. Their two losses were early in the season to number 1 Florida and their perennial nemesis Carleton. All three teams will be participating in Centex in Austin next weekend, which Ted and I will attending - I'm already nervous.

In order to play at Nationals Memorial Day weekend, Wisconsin must win the central regionals in April and that means beating Carleton. For some reason, Carleton has some kind of voodoo over the Hodags every year at regionals. In the past this hasn't hurt them too much, because central had two slots at Nationals. This year there is only one.

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Hi Jack
I bet Roberta is glad you finally posted that!!! Love those family updates that you post!!
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