Monday, March 06, 2006

Something new - Amazon ads

While visiting The Anomalist, I came across an interesting thing, Amazon-described "product previews" for Amazon Affiliates. From their FAQ:

"Product previews are a portal into - directly on your Web site. When users hover over a preview-enhanced link, a small window appears containing valuable content and information about the product you're advertising, including an image, new and used price, average customer review and availability. It also gives your visitors the ability to add the item directly to their shopping cart."
Hmmm, sez I. So I decided to give it a try. I'm not expecting any serious moola from it. I think the last time I signed up as an Amazon affiliate, I made all of 14 cents. But I like the idea better than Google Ads, or even the Amazon banner below. So, if you move your mouse over a link - such as the Archibald MacLeish quote I'm using as my current signature line, you may get a little window. Or you may not. Amazon is apparently doing it as a dice roll in this beta. Some viewers get the window. Some don't. Anyway, move the mouse off the link and it goes away, so it's not as obnoxious as a pop-up, at least in my opinion. If you have a real problem with it, write me and let me know. But, if you like a poem I post, a DVD or book review and decide to buy it from Amazon, well heck, it may mean another 14 cents for me.

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