Monday, March 21, 2005

DeLorean dies:

Back when I first started work with DEC in the mid-`80s, I used to see a DeLorean in the ZKO (Spitbrook Road, Nashua NH) parking lot. It was owned by a VMS software engineer, who I buttonholed one morning to ask how he liked the car.

I caught him on a bad day, "Wanna buy it?" he asked. Seems he was having problems with both gull wing doors, which sometimes refused to open altogether and usually refused to open easily, and recurring cosmetic rust on the stainless steel body (claims that the DeLorean was rust-proof seemed not to have taken New England winters into consideration).

Nevertheless, it was a cool car.

Link to the AP obit. Link to various DeLorean pages, and Link to a gold-plated DeLorean in Snyder, Texas.

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