Tuesday, March 22, 2005

You could see this one coming

It's been apparent to at least one Constant Reader that Iggy started having second thoughts on his decision to quit work and try a career as a full-time poker player about 10 seconds after making it. Now, he's finally talking about it as a front end to an uber-post.

Is playing poker a dream job?

It's always seemed like a slice of ambrosia....but for me now, it's become unfulfilling. I've gotten bored. Playing poker full-time isn't much of a purposeful life. It's a bitter pill to swallow, trust me. And this after my best month yet, due to the vast amount of table time I put in.
The Blogfather hints at a unique job opportunity later in the post which I hope will be something PR-related in the online poker world, as he's one of the funnier flogmeisters I've ever read.

1 comment:

Ignatious said...

awww, and i try sooo hard in using subterfuge, too.

damn you and your perception.

but sadly no cool job. just a typical corporate one. :(