Saturday, March 05, 2005

Poker Tracker Guide and H.O.R.S.E tourney

Iggy was gentleman enough to not only to take my desire about a "Let's Put Iggy Back to Work" campaign in stride, he even mentioned it on his blog. So, the least I can do his flog his new e-book, The Poker Tracker Guide. Disclaimer: I haven't read - or bought - the Guide yet. I do have the demo version of Poker Tracker, but haven't used it all that much, since I found it confusing the few times I opened it.

I suspect I'm not alone in that feeling, and hence The Poker Tracker Guide, co-written by the Iggster and Henry "HDouble" Wasserman. A 60-odd page PDF document, the $20 guide might seem a little pricey at first blush, but the next time you're dropping some money into your account at an on-line poker site, I'd suggest doing what I plan to do - divert $20 over to instead. Download the demo version of Poker Tracker, which allows you to import up 1,000 hands of your on-line play history for free, and give the Guide a whirl...

In our first section, "Reviewing Your Play," we explain how to improve your play simply by examining the contents of your Poker Tracker database. Not only does Poker Tracker record every single thing we do it at the poker table, it also collects this data and organizes it in ways that allow us to find systematic errors ("leaks") in our game. For example, in our "Leak Finding" chapter, we discuss why cold calling raises can be one of the biggest mistakes made in limit poker. In addition, we explain how you can pinpoint every instance in which you cold-called a raise and see the results of your decision-making. For many players, this can be a truly enlightening process.

Like many players, I suspect I
do make the same play mistakes repeatedly. It'll be interesting to see what Poker Tracker finds from my play, and whether I can learn - and improve. I'll provide a full review once I have the Guide in hand, probably sometime next month.

Incidentally I had a "duh" moment while reading Iggy's bio, discovering simultaneously that he was a John Kennedy Toole fan and where he had picked up his handle. Ignatious, indeed.

I'm sorry to say that I'll be missing the next WPBT tournament...
A $5 tourney on

Sunday. March 13th
9pm EST
Name of tourney: WPBT HORSE Tournament
Full Tilt Poker
password: thehammer

I'll be travelling to a writer's conference in `Bama, and will have to miss out on this one. But I'll look forward to the reports. I wish I could have made this tourney for several reasons, not least because 1) It's only a $5 buy-in. 2) Felicia Lee, a great blogger and a great poker player wil be in it, and I'd love the opportunity to play against her 3) and I've wanted to give the Full Tilt site a try, as it's a site which many pros are associated with... at least in name.

I had to go look up what the heck "H.O.R.S.E" was, and discovered it stood for
Hold 'em, Omaha 8/b, Razz, Stud, Stud Eight/b. A different game every 10 minutes, apparently, which sounds like it could be wild fun.

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