Monday, March 21, 2005

Peter Bagge "Buddy" Doll

I'm a semi-fan of Peter Bagge, "semi-" in the sense that reading Bagge is a lot like eating fudge. It's good, but I don't want a steady diet of it, either. Bagge's characters' cross of world-weary cynicism and absolute naivete can quickly get tiring... kinda as if you had a real 20-something in your life that you can't get out.

A Japanese company called Presspop is either selling or will be selling, or may just have made it for their own amusement, a Buddy Bradley doll. Even cutting Presspop some lost in translation slack, their Web site has my vote as the least informative I've read.

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Anonymous said...

Bagge's artwork reminds me of the "Silly Surfers" album I had as a child. See also: "Gremmie Outta Control." Cowabunga! Remember that one, fhb?

:-)! An anonymous coprolite