Monday, June 19, 2006

Date with Destiny Postponed*

* Destiny claimed she needed to wash hair.

ricoM placed a respectable - respectable in a field of 2,247** - 253rd in the 2nd Annual World BloggerChampionship at PokerStars yesterday. Although I was over 200 seats away from money, paid trips to the WSOP, iPods, even a Wil Wheaton hat, et al; I was as happy with the quality of my play as anything else, as I was able to get my game back to a solid footing after a couple of seriously bad sessions at the tables.

The only name I recognized in the final top 10 was StudioGlyphic, who finished 6th, and did win a $1500 WSOP buy-in. BadBlood was at my first table on my right, but had an early night. He was able to pull off a Hammer bluff to my amusement and the general confusion of the rest of the non-poker-blogging table at one point. There was an extremely annoying railbird who seemed determined to provide a blow-by-blow of his game to another player at our table, finally forcing me to turn off observer chat until I was moved. At various times I was at tables with Columbo, who as he notes, played "damn solid poker" yesterday and was a joy to play against. "I missed one pot for 10% of my stack because I called an all-in from a short stack with KJ and lost to his AQ." That short stack would be me. :-)

My WWdN Can-Aussie buddy louddwnunder was also with me for awhile, as well as various other ah, faces, from the weekly WWdN. At one point someone noted our table even looked like a WWdN, as everyone at it was a poker blogger.

My cards were more dead than lively for most of the near-3 hours I played yesterday, and as Columbo noted I spent a lot of time as the short stack at the table. I'd drop down to around 1200 chips, double-up, and then helplessly watch my chips evaporate again in the blinds. I think the largest chip count I ever put together was slightly over 5k, not that great with a starting stack of 2k.

Any game where I'm being forced all-in a lot usually means rico ain't going be visiting the final table, and my luck, she eventually decided to go wash her hair with Destiny. Again, it was one of those plays that - even losing - I couldn't bitch at myself for screwing up. UTG, I went all-in with my small stack and A6o, forcing everyone at the table to fold until the BB. With over 15k in chips, s/he played the "any two cards" gambit. I was relieved to see a Q6o, even more relieved when the flop hit A 6 something. But turn and river would be Q Q, about as bad a bad beat as you could imagine.

Big sigh. Back to the Wheaties on Tuesday.

**actually probably closer to a field of around 1500-2000. Lot of signups never showed at the tables.

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