Friday, June 02, 2006

Year Two

Right around the beginning of June 2004, I started fhb, evolving it out of a blog I intermittently wrote from late 2001 through 2002 named cellar door that I kept on one of the various incarnations of my web site.

I had reserved the "" account on blogger in 2002, as you can see from the archives to your right, but never did anything with it until I decided it was time to start blogging again, and that the cellar door version had been way too much hassle to administrate, given that I was writing/formatting it by hand in Dreamweaver. The only other thing notable about cellar door during its short life was that it generated a "cease-and-desist" email from a semi-famous blogger claiming copyright infringement because I had modeled its look-and-feel on her blog.

I had been doing other various writing things during 2002-3, but by 2004 my work life had steadied enough that I was ready to start blogging again; mostly as an on-line journal, but also as a way for me to keep my interest in writing alive in the face of well-paying - but essentially mind-numbing - paying work. And here we are. This is fhb's 845th post.

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