Friday, June 30, 2006

Show Biz - Fred's Dreamtime podcast #1

As I've mentioned before, I do a regular twice-a-month business podcast for one of my clients. I've been meaning to try my hand at a regular personal podcast, but spending bread on bandwidth and storage has kept me procrastinating.

Then I came across Solidcasts; and that excuse went out the door.

So, combining my love for Dylan and trivia, here's the first episode of Dreamtime - occasional commentary on Theme Time Radio Hour. Hope you enjoy...

Direct link is here...

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Podcast feed: Subscribe


K/M - or two faces of maudiekym said...

Weee - how cool to hear you voice! Will definately be checking out SolidCast.

Anonymous said...

Fred, I believe you did a podcast on Lord Buckley. I wrote you, telling you how much I enjoyed it. Also mentioned that I'm trying to get enough hubris together to do a one man show of his Lordship. You very generously gave me his son's email address. Despite my best efforts to guard it until using it, it has escaped into the ether somehow. Would you please re-send it to me.


TerryMcGovern (