Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Wheaties Report - the Garthmeister Invitational

ricoM barely burst the bubble last night, finishing 9th in a slim field of 58. My finish paid out $20.30, a little less than doubling my buy-in. But finishing in the money - any money - is always a good thing. 10th spot paid exactly the same as 58th... that is, zip.

Given that we're heading into the WSOP (as well as the 4th WPBT meet-up in Lost Wages), I was thinking about writing a bit about that aspect of tournament play; the need to remember that your primary goal is to finish in the money. And once that's secured, then to start working to finishing as high in the money as you can. Of course, that about summarizes it right there, but I have a little more to say, which I'll try to get back to once chores like vet visits and lawn mowing are out of the way.

Fun night last night. Hung with KentAllard, a nice guy who I've never tabled with before, my fellow New Hamsterite, xkm1245, who I hope did better in his SnG than in the tournament, and that ol' luckbox himself.

Till next week... or until I can get to that tournament post.

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