Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ultimate Open Final Report – Florida vs. Wisconsin

Beginning last Friday, fhb sports reporter Roberta kept up a running report on the Ultimate College Championships that Matt's team, the Hodags, were playing in. The Hodags would easily make it through the first seeding (notable quote, "If we win today, we can sleep till fucking noon tomorrow," said an anonymous player), and were still in the Zone on Saturday.

That win set the stage for a confrontation against the Florida team on Sunday for the title. As noted by Joe Taris at the UPA site,

"Never before in the College Championships have two such dominant teams faced off for the title, with Florida and Wisconsin coming in with a combined record of 96 wins and 3 losses (2 of which were due to playing each other)."
Although the game was tied several times, Florida would ultimately - no pun intended - go on to win, 15-12. It would have been nice to hear that they had taken it all, but still a wild, great season for our Hodags.

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