Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Cheney lies! Sez time was 9:00; was actually 9:03:47

I've been trying to keep fhb politics-free, being mostly of the ol' hippie mind-set, "voting only encourages them." And no, you don't have to comment on how important voting is. Yes, I'm voting, and no I won't tell you for who, thank you very much.

Anyway, there's many things to love about the blogosphere, but one unloveable thing is the heated, over-the-top rhetoric that this election is engendering, including the latest tub-thumping about Cheney meeting Edwards. Boingboing, which should know better, publishes a link about Cheney's "lie" in last night's debate when he said to Edwards, "The first time I ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight." and points to several sites, including the Kerry campaign blog, where a photo of them together at a National Prayer Breakfast is posted.

Now, let's ignore the fact that that photo seems less evidence that they actually "met" (given the usual definition of "meet") but more "were in the same room at one time." The list of Cheney's and the administration playing loose with the truth is near-endless, with WMDs, the reasons behind the invasion of Iraq, Abu Ghraib (which everyone seems to have forgotten about), and Halliburton just a few of the things off the top of my head that the veep could be brought to task about.

And there's a mini-furor over whether he told the "truth" about meeting Kerry? Yes, Cheney lied. He and Edwards are actual participants in a sex slave ring disguised as a prayer breakfast, where he regularly dresses in a polka-dot cocktail dress. Obviously, he had to lie.

Sigh. I know talking about issues is déclassé. But the blogosphere can't do better than ET-style reportage?

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