Friday, October 08, 2004

Google Ads Out - Lazlo WeatherBlox in

I've decided to dump Google AdSense, as fhb isn't the right vehicle for displaying internet ads. I'm not sure what the right vehicle is, except search result pages or very focused blogs, but that ain't me, babe.

Via boingboing, I found a new Open Source "application development environment" called Lazlo that looks pretty cool, and might (with the stress on that word) be the key to the long-sought-for application delivery via the Web that Java was supposed to be and never became. Remember Sun "thin clients" and "Web appliances"? Am I totally boring you?

Anyway, I don't know if/when I'm going to try developing with Lazlo, my programming skills -never that strong - have completed deteriorated after several years of disuse, and I've never worked in XML. But what the heck. It may become a winter project if things get slow.

I've replaced the Google ad block with a Lazlo app called "WeatherBlox", currently displaying weather at fhb central. This is more for you, Gentle Reader, than me, since I'm writing this at my kitchen table and can pretty well figure out the weather by looking up and glancing out the bay window. So, feel free to put your own zip -- or family/friends' -- in the top right entry field.

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