Thursday, October 14, 2004

IE Out - Firefox In

I've just about completed my migration to Mozilla Firefox, speedier and safer than Internet Explorer.

Biggest problem I've encountered so far is trying to remember all the passwords I've accumulated from years on the Web... Almost all autofilled by IE and long forgotten. Google, for reasons known only to itself, wants a separate password entry for gMail as opposed to everything else Google (Google Answers, the forums, et al), but displays exactly the same "change password" screen for both.

While I can't use currently use the A9 toolbar, that's a minor thing to me, as I found I was still using the Google toolbar more anyway. I'm now using the Firefox extension, GoogleBar to emulate the Google toolbar. I miss the autofill feature for forms, but I suspect there's a Firefox extension for that (indeed there is, Autofill).

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