Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bewitched BoingBoinged

I suppose I should be proud of myself that I got the jump on one of my favorite sources, for a change.

BoingBoing, being BoingBoing, tried to put a Wiccan spin on the statue controversy, but as a reader pointed out:

I live in Salem, and I am not Wiccan... but this isn't really a Wiccan issue, it is a community one. There are residents in Salem (Wiccan and not) who are on both sides of this fence. Basically the mayor took the money and said "hey great idea" without asking anyone else, some people are pissed, some are excited, just as it would be with any town and any statue. They have already started construction for the nine foot statue on the site at Washington and Essex streets where they will place the statue sometime this month...
Link to Salem Message Board

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