Monday, June 20, 2005

Bewitched statue watch: news roundup

It's always interesting to see the spin different reports put on the same story. It's like Rashômon in action. Every time I read a news story where I know something about the subject or event it reminds me of how much I should mistrust news reports where I don't know anything about the subject or event.

Here, in no particular order, are headlines and excerpts from various news stories from around the world many of them using the AP story as their base...

Sunday Herald - Glasgow,Scotland,UK - Scene of witch trials ‘shamed’ by TV show statue: ...As the statue attracted around 1500 fans , just 500 yards away, down a leafy side street, another memorial was totally deserted... The sculpture surrounds a grass-covered plot and 20 stone benches set into a wall, one for each of the 20 innocent victims – 13 women and seven men – who were put to death in the hysteria of 1692 .

Feministing blog - "...What better way to honor the women who were tortured and killed during the Salem witch trials?"

From "" a.k.a Channel 7 news: 'Bewitched' Statue Unveiled In Salem -"... Erin Murphy, the actress who played Tabitha on the show, was on hand for the ceremony."I think it is keeping with the spirit of Salem. I think if people come here to see the statue and then have the ability to visit the other landmarks and learn about the history of Salem, I think everyone will be happy," she said..."

(above story also includes video link)

Boston Globe (Boston's ah, traditional, newspaper. Think NYT): "'Bewitched' statue charms Salem fans"

Boston Herald (Boston's ah, tabloid. Think NY Post): Statue panned every witch way

Column from the Herald (which, when it decides it dislikes something, works itself into a frenzy): "Salem’s ‘Be-kitsched’ with this bronze bomb"

And from "The Salem News" (this link may or may not work): "City bewitched by statue"

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Maudie said...

lol - I just love what tries to pass itself off as cutting edge journalism these days... what a scandalous cauldron Sam is stirring, no?