Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bewitched Statue Watch - 7 Days and counting.

Samantha Stephens Statue Dedication 6:30 a.m.

The Salem Witches presents...
Samantha Stephens Statue Dedication

When: Jun. 15th. 2005
Where: Salem, Massachusetts
Location: Lappin Park at 230 Washington Street in Salem across from the Army Barracks and Rockafella's restaurant.
Time: 6:30am

The Salem Witches' honor their nose-twitching friend on TV! Event Details: The City of Salem welcomes Witches from across the globe for a dedication of the bronze statue of Samantha Stephens in the "Witch City" of Salem, Massachusetts! We want the world to know that the positive image of a Witch (albeit fictional) that Samantha casts is a welcome contrast to the negative (and also fictional) image of the Witch that the trials branded us with here in 1692!

Participants in a Salem Witches' welcome of the statue should be there NO later than 6:30am to ensure our proper spot right up in front! If we get enough real confirmations, we will provide coffee from Dunkin' Donuts!

We want it to be known that Witches love our TV soul sister Samantha! So, the look is witchy black, taller boots, pointy hats (or top hat in my case) , flowing capes, and magical finery. We want to show the world that Witches are alive and well in Salem, Massachusetts and around the world!

Directions: 230 Washington Street is across from The Army Barracks and Rockafella's Restaurant, in the heart of historic downtown Salem.
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