Friday, June 03, 2005

I showed Cinderella my big sword.

Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom, a web-based online multiuser environment currently running in Beta, is taking a lot of grief from the blogging community... justified or nor, I dunno, as I've no interest in downloading and installing the software, and the avatars look creepy anyway.

Tony Walsh at Clickable Culture notes,

"Because the Disney experience is supposed to be kid friendly, interpersonal communication is limited to a pre-approved vocabulary, so words such as "rebellion," "love," "obey," and "usurp" are just not allowed. In the interest of making the Virtual Magic Kingdom a more believable place, I've compiled a list of handy phrases that get past the sanitization filter..."

Some of my favorites from Tony's list include:

Hats are not allowed.
I hate everyone.
I showed Cinderella my big sword.
Grab my long staff and pull.
Lean over and I'll hit your bottom.
Hug my magic lantern and you'll win a prize!
It's only fun and games when someone loses an eye.
I will curse you all, I promise.
Everything around here smells bad.
My foot got stuck between boats on this ride, and was badly hurt.
Bring out your dead.

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