Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The World's Largest Collection of Spider-Man Memorabilia...

is on the block at eBay.

An independent toy dealer priced just a few of the items included in this auction. Here are some examples:

* Page of original art from one of the 1960s comic books - $ 8,000.00 to $10,000.00
* Spider-Man cufflinks given out to Marvel executives as gifts in the late 70s- $ 200.00
* Spider-Man train set - $ 500.00
* Leopoldo Popy (the Japanese Spider-Man robot) small one-the big one -$ 800.00
* Original appearance costume from the 1970s - $ 2,000.00
* Set of plates from the defunct Marvel Mania - $ 600.00
* Waiters uniform - $ 200.00
* Bowen statue and matching set bust - bust only for the first 8 examples - $ 3,000.00
* 2 Ups – (Spider-Man Toy Prototypes) – Unknown collector value – almost never available

The collection is extremely varied. From rare comics, many posters, art, to a piƱata, a bicycle, giant art ad sheets from the sides of a public bus, anything Spider-Man will be here. Before inquiring about specific items, please be sure to check the master list of items and photos.
And over here is the self-proclaimed World's Largest Spider-Man collection on-line.

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