Monday, June 13, 2005

Pink Flamingos and Bear catches

Actually a light-up in the dark pink flamingo, which I found on sale on Friday, and which whispered gently in flamingoese, "Take me home, daddy."

After initially eyeing it grimly upon her return from work, Peggy, who has never shared my, ah, desire to have a pink flamingo lawn ornament, has adjusted to it... at least to the point where she took this photo of it last night in all its pink, glowing glory.

It was a hot, humid weekend here in Lake Woebo- New Hamster. Saturday morn I let (or tried to) Peggy sleep in and brought the cats outside early. I just finished making the coffee when I heard Bear at the screen door, and found him with a mouthful of chipmunk. His first. This is an even more impressive feat when you recognize that Bear is constrained by a leash and can't maneuver all that quickly.

Brave Bals reacted to his prodigal's catch by screaming like a little girl, and woke Peg. Since Bear was doing his damndest to get the chipmunk into the house, I went out the kitchen door, raced through the wet grass in my slippers intent on getting to him from the rear. Peg by that time had forced Bear away from the screen, made it outside, and was shaking the chipmunk loose from his death grip. Finally dropped, the chipmunk shook himself off and raced under the porch, complaining bitterly about cats and the people who love them.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job, fhb--and great last sentence. :-)!