Friday, June 10, 2005

Bewitched statue gives Blogger 15 minutes of fame

Would you believe 15 seconds?

"In some ways, I'm almost expecting it to become a 'Bewitched' episode," quipped fan Fred Bals, who will drive down from New Hampshire for the dedication.
On Wednesday, I was interviewed by Ben Casselman, a reporter for the Salem News, who first broke the Bewitched statue story, and found my blog when he was researching a followup.

Casselman, a pleasant guy, seemed as amused by the attention the statue had received as I was. "I knew we had made the big time when NPR picked it up," he told me.

Link to the full Salem News story. Casselman also has an interview with one of the Tabithas.

UPDATE: The Salem News apparently doesn't archive their stories, and the links are dead. Here's Casselman's original story which, publicity hound that I am, I happily preserved. Unhappily, the Tabitha interview mentioned above has disappeared into the aether.

This link will take you to most of my previous Bewitched statue postings. Here's my top 10 reasons of "Why Sam instead of Nat" (Hawthorne) that Casselman mentions. And, here's what started it all.

Statue dedication info from the Salem News...


Whether you're a "Bewitched" fan looking to join in the festivities, a bemused outsider hoping to watch, or a Salem resident looking to escape the whole thing, here's everything you need to know about Wednesday's ceremony.

When: Wednesday, June 15, at noon
Where: Lappin Park, at the corner of Washington and Essex streets in downtown Salem Speakers: Mayor Stanley Usovicz and TV Land President Larry Jones
Who else will be there: "Bewitched" actors Erin Murphy (Tabitha), Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay) and Kasey Rogers (Louise Tate), and "Bewitched" director William Asher

I'll be the guy carrying the "Bloggers for Samantha!" sign. Stop by and say hello.

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