Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Song of the Business Writer

Here I Sit and Write,

Pointless Drabble, I Create,

But It Pays My Bills

Some Maximizers have learned to channel their creative frustration into art.

Rated Rookie, an independent magazine, published "Haiku Hell," a lament by someone using the pen name "Abby Reynolds" who claimed to be a Maximizer.

Google is one of the world's great companies, she wrote; she loves the pay, the free Odwalla bars and Snapple and the lava lamp on her desk. But she didn't expect to make it through 11 rounds of interviews only to spend most of her time staring at spreadsheets.

"With the character limits and strict editorial guidelines, I find myself swimming in a sea of 'Buy Now!,' 'Learn More' and 'Get Info Here,' " she wrote. "Creative it is not."
Link to the article on Google "Maximizers,' part of Google's in-house advertising agency.

via John Battelle's Searchblog

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