Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bad Odor.

Lenin did leave us one valuable notion, one, at any rate. It was "Whom?" When you cannot understand a curious matter, ask yourself, "Whom? Whom does this benefit?"
Norman Mailer in a short article on the Newsweek "Koran" incident, which parallels my suspicions, paranoid character that I am.

The waters are black and deep, and it's hard to see what's moving below the surface. It's certainly too many episodes of 24, but I was thinking just a couple of days ago that there seemed to be a lot of weird shit going on in recent weeks... planes flying into restricted airspace near the White House; planes carrying suspected terrorists being diverted to Bangor; a truck carrying liquid ammonium nitrate and blasting caps crashing into the Wells, Maine turnpike exit on the same day that first suspected terrorist's plane lands in Bangor...

... and in all cases, the government says, "Never mind. Just an honest mistake. Never mind now. Go back to sleep."

via "The Huffington Post," which I'm taking on a trial run in my blogroll to your right.

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