Tuesday, May 31, 2005

UPA Finals

Wisconsin has a long pedigree, including the 2003 UPA Title, and it has perfected a style that relies on short passing and handler weaves until a huck opens up downfield...

.... The game starts as a clash of two styles: Queens’ loose flow offense against Wisconsin’s sewn-up weave-and-huck. It quickly degenerates into a hackfest, with both teams calling ticky-tack fouls...

...Wisconsin calls timeout, and Tom Burkly rallie [sic] his teammates. “We’ve done it before. Who’s gonna step up?” Gigo Valdivia answers the call, going long for a floater that everyone else misreads in the wind. 15’s. Cap is on, universe point. Stanford’s Josh Wiseman takes Bloodthirsty on his shoulders, flying for a 50 yard huck, then finding a spot in the crowd to catch a 20-yard hammer from Herbert...
Link to full article and final standings

Ah, yes. I think the Hodags were eliminated in the quarters by Colorado, which would go on to fight Brown (and lose) in the finals, but you're reading someone who has never figured out box scores in the sports page, and doesn't know a huck from a hackfest. In any case, the Wisconsin boys put up a valiant fight, and it's bittersweet comfort that they whupped Brown earlier this year.

Pictured (kinda) above, Matt in backwards cap listens intently to a Hodag coach listing the number of virgins he's slept with.

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