Monday, May 02, 2005

Search added to fhb.

I'm nearing the year mark in blogging fhb (ironically, my first post after a two-year hiatus was a complaint about not writing enough), and it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to find old postings. Since I use fhb as much as an electronic scrapbook for interesting stories/links that I want to keep as I do for essays, it'd be nice to be able to quickly find a story/link that I posted several months ago.

One of the features that I wish Blogger had that say, a Moveable Type and/or TypePad has, is the ability to apply a category tag to postings. That way, all my various theme postings -- such as Poker, Dylan, or lust for fictional characters could be found quickly. But Blogger's main feature/benefit for me is that it's free, as opposed to the other two.

Once I started thinking about it, I'm fairly certain I can come up with different search strings that encompass categories, similar to what I'm doing above, doing a variation on the Wil Wheaton "This entry is from the xxxx department" categorization. That is, if I add the line "This entry is from the Poker department," "This entry is from the Dylan department" to the end of their respective postings, a Google search should detail all postings with that tag. Now if I can figure out a way of automating it.

This entry would obviously be from the Geek department. In any case, a search field is over to your right. So, if you're trying to find my posting on Annette or Hunter Thompson, you now can, albeit with still more effort than I would like. But, we forge ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Um, where do we file Archibald? ;-)!!