Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Perky no longer.

Thanks to the Tom Werner connection, if you live in the Boston area you hear a lot about Katie Couric whether you want to or not.

A blurb in today's Globe gossip column about Werner, Couric's on-again, off-again boy toy, being enlisted to buff up Katie's image led me to dig up the original NY Times article razzing her.

But "Today" has turned her popularity into a Marxist-style cult of personality. The camera fixates on Ms. Couric's legs during interviews, she performs in innumerable skits and stunts, and her clowning is given center stage even during news events. "Today" hit a low point in July, when Saddam Hussein appeared in a Baghdad courtroom to hear the charges he will face when he goes to trial as a war criminal. All the networks interrupted their programming to show live images of Mr. Hussein - all except NBC. "Today" stayed on Ms. Couric swatting shuttlecocks with the United States Olympic badminton team.

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