Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dick & Mimi

I sometimes think I should write an article with the working title of "Lifestyle of the Doing Okay and Semi-Famous", as in my 50-odd years, I've skirted -- usually only very glancingly -- the peripheries of fame. Not working too hard at it, I've:

1. Been insulted by Larry Niven.

2. Chaperoned Harlan Ellison's mother.

3. Interviewed Stephen King (twice).

4. Hung out with Tad Williams.

5. Had a post "cribbed" by Mark Evanier.

6. Had one of my review blurbs appear on a Kate Wilhelm novel.

7. Shown up in the credits/acknowledgements of various things.

The latest credit is the one that Doug Cooke recently put up for me and the other members of the Bikini Coalition, which was very nice of him.

To the left/above is a copy of one of the photos sans eBay watermark that the BC won at auction, and yes, that's still a capo.

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Maudie said...

Ah, well... live long enough you can:

1. Sing a duet with Leonard Nemoy
2. Shake hands with Tori Amos
3. Get your picture taken with Mitch Miller....


Anonymous said...

4.Introduce a yank to pork skins.

You interviewed STEPHEN KING?!

Maudie zya nai
(hint: it's not Chinese)