Monday, May 16, 2005

Sitting Out.

Though I considered playing in last night's WPBT, I was still feeling a little burnt out from a loooong family event on Saturday, and just couldn't work up the proper `tude for what would be several hours of poker.

Between that, the small chance of a pay-off (at least compared to other WPBT events), and being iffy about whether I could make it to Vegas (Happy Birthday, btw, L.V.) even if by some chance I pulled the miracle off all decided me to pass on this one.

68 people played, not a bad number considering there were only 18 on board when I checked mid-day on Sunday. Congrats to Joe over at The Obituarium. Thanks to that little dwarf, unappreciative of fine poetry though he is, for setting it up. A fine full write-up, as always, is over at Pauly's.

Good luck to all at the live events in Vegas. "See" you all in the next on-line WPBT.

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