Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Husbands Beware

"Oh, Daddy, don't you see that 'Bewitched' is just another example of the degradation of womanhood? Here's a woman with unimaginable magical power and she uses it entirely to shore up her husband's ego, make him look good, help him keep his job, beat down his enemies. Has she no life of her own?"
Once Fred gets the bit between his teeth, there's no stopping him. A pompous op-ed piece in today's Globe on the Bewitched statue controversy by the incredibly boring Thomas Doherty (Student, rejoice if you don't have Mr. Doherty as an instructor) led me to hunt down Isaac Asimov's 1969 tongue-in-cheek essay on Bewitched that confronts the imponderable question, "exactly why did Sam stay with both versions of that idiot, anyway?"

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