Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bewitched Statue Watch Day 6:

From The Washington Post

Tonight, the fate of the statue, which is already being cast at a foundry, will be determined by a vote of the Salem Redevelopment Authority. That organization owns Lappin Park, where Elizabeth Montgomery's character is slated for installation....

...So what does this thing look like? Good question. The network wants maximum ooohs when it whips the curtain off Samantha so it won't release photos or drawings. But the artists who designed the statue, at a place called StudioEIS in Brooklyn, shared a rendering of the piece on condition that it not appear in the newspaper.

So here's a description: Imagine Samantha, dressed in one of the sensible frocks she wore on the show, sitting on a broom, which is resting on a crescent moon. The moon, in turn, is resting on the top of a cloud, which is on a pedestal. Samantha is smiling and her left arm is turned up at the elbow. It's like she's saying, "It's a cinch to fly." Her legs are crossed at the ankles.

The sculptors' studio is owned and operated by Elliot and Ivan Schwartz, brothers who are best known for their casts of the Founding Fathers -- which can be found in such places as the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia -- and for commemorative objects for museums, including the Smithsonian.


Maudie said...

Do you by any chance know where the statue is being cast?

fhb said...

We'll have to stop meeting like this, Maudie. People will talk. :-)

Studio EIS in Brooklyn

http://www.studioeis.com/ is the designer. Where it's actually being cast I don't know. All I know if the town fathers of Salem are stupid enough to turn it down, I have a perfect spot in my backyard. :-)


Maudie said...

I was curious because we have a foundry here that casts large pieces... (and let 'em talk heh)